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Fallen leaves

Blazer, skirt and shirt from Zara / Bag Bimba & Lola / Necklace H&M Here’s the rain again! next after a pair of atypical hot days, the cold is coming again with us,  n it mixed with the examns doesnt work to make better outfit pictures!  so im gonna show you some taken in january, wearing a simple b&w outfit with my favourite skirt, a girly pleated one… Read more →

Hey LA

There’s a new member in da family babes! Stars Stripes Blue Black & Red = Le RePatriotic girl LA Dodgers varsity jacket + my beloved american flag Beanie + red vans Im missing and i know it but im studying for my januarys exammns, they r making me crazy! Im rlly fed uppp of calculus, maths problems and the fucking… Read more →

Chanel scarf + Trouble With the curve

A pair of pictures taken with my mobile, now, ready to work, wearing this lovely white and gold Chanel scarf, with chains!! Do you like it or its way too serious for me?? Clases, Estudiar. Examen. Estudiar. Entrenar/Trabajar.  Dormir, poco y mal, y así todos los días necesito vacaciones (y no creo que sea la única)  De lo malo ayer de… Read more →