Hey LA

There’s a new member in da family babes!

Stars Stripes Blue Black & Red = Le RePatriotic girl
LA Dodgers varsity jacket + my beloved american flag Beanie + red vans

Im missing and i know it but im studying for my januarys exammns, they r making me crazy!
Im rlly fed uppp of calculus, maths problems and the fucking thermodynamic!! beacouse im soo nervous that  i cant be sitting mothe than 5 minutes on the same place and i’ve been enclosed studying since we start our xmas holidays all day/night… I hope it works! i need a break! RIGHT NOW!

But not all is so depressing, something the smallest stupid thing could make you you laugh thats why im gonna show you this silly video of one of the latest matches of my favourite baseball team: the LA dodgers (I want to make clear that i dont like dance and i dont like the Gangnam style but im a real baseball fan )


Estoy harta de los examenes, yo que soy hiperactiva, llevo sin parar desde que comenze las vacaciones de navidad, me salen los calculos y los problemas de termodicamica por las orejas! espero que de sus frutos.. Que ganas de acabarlos YA!!

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